GOLD: US 1,805.70 +0.90 +0.05% Volume: 1,041 November 25, 2020
TSX: NGD 2.34 +0.03 +1.3% Volume: 1,433,863 November 27, 2020
NYSE MKT: NGD 1.83 +0.08 +4.57% Volume: 4,411,938 November 27, 2020

In what year was New Gold formed?

The Company was incorporated on January 31, 1980 as DRC Resources Corporation under the Company Act (British Columbia) and was transitioned on May 10, 2005 under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia). On June 1, 2005, the Company changed its name to New Gold Inc.

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On which stock exchanges is the Company listed?

New Gold trades on the TSX: NGD and the NYSE American: NGD.

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Where is New Gold’s head office?

The head office is located at 181 Bay Street, Suite 3320, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2T3.

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What is New Gold’s strategy?

New Gold is a Canadian-focused intermediate gold mining company engaged in the exploration, development and operation of mineral properties. To achieve its growth, the Company focuses on:

  • Delivering on operational targets (safety, costs, production, environment and social responsibility)
  • Maintaining a strong financial position
  • Internal growth through project development and continuous improvement of existing operations, and
  • External growth through value enhancing merger and acquisition opportunities.
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Where does New Gold operate?

Our producing mines are located in Canada and we do have one property in Mexico which is currently in the reclamation phase.

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How many producing mines does New Gold currently have?

We have two producing mines currently, both located in Canada.

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Does New Gold own 100 per cent of its assets?

We own 100 per cent of all our operations and development stage properties.

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What products does New Gold produce?

We produce gold, silver and copper.

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Can I purchase shares directly from the Company?

No. to purchase shares you must have an account with a registered broker or online brokerage firm. New Gold trades on the TSX: NGD and the NYSE American: NGD.

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Who do I call if I am a shareholder and have a question regarding my shares?

Contact our transfer agent: Computershare Trust Company of Canada
100 University Avenue, 9th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M5J 2Y1
T: 1 877 982-6700 (US & Canada)
T: 514 982-7555 (International)
F: 604 661-9401

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Does New Gold pay dividends?

Currently New Gold does not pay dividends.

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Is there a dividend reinvestment plan available to shareholders?

Currently, there is no dividend reinvestment plan in place.

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Who are New Gold’s customers?

Our customers are bullion banks and their dealers.

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