GOLD: US 1,784.10 +0.60 +0.03% Volume: 264 November 24, 2021
TSX: NGD 1.88 +0.01 +0.54% Volume: 1,822,113 November 26, 2021
NYSE MKT: NGD 1.50 +0.01 +0.67% Volume: 6,388,659 November 26, 2021

It’s our employees who make our success as a growing Canadian-focused intermediate gold company possible, so attracting and retaining the right people is crucial. To us, success means more than results. It’s about being true to our values and the principles that shape how we operate. That’s why we look to recruit skilled and innovative people who share our values and are committed to developing their full range of abilities to become the best that they can be.

Gregory Brown

Gregory Brown, Information Technology

"New Gold has offered me great opportunities in both career and personal development. I started working at Peak Gold Mines in Cobar, Australia and have had the opportunity to live and work in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. Visiting New Gold’s various sites across the world has given me exposure to different cultures and the chance to meet many great people."

Bevin Burnell

Beven Burnell, Geotechnician

"Since 1994 I have been working as a Geotechnician for the Rainy River Project. I have been privileged to see the project grow over the years. Since New Gold acquired the project, the management and staff have been very helpful. They are always able to answer any questions I have and provide the necessary training required for the job. I look forward to helping New Gold in its quest to pour its first of many gold bars from the Rainy River Project."

Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper, Energy

"I am passionate about minimizing waste and maximizing the use of resources available to us. This is very much aligned with what I do as an Energy Specialist, which means I really love what I do. Energy Management is all about our employees working together for long term, sustainable energy savings, not just because it saves the Company money, but because it is the right thing to do. I work with a dedicated team to help make this a reality."

Matt Desando

Matt Desando, Construction

I started working at Rainy River in 2015 as a Surface Miner and shortly after moved into a supervisory role. As a supervisor, I am passionate about developing employees and promoting growth within the Company. I’ve had the privilege to work with an amazing team and be a part of developing a successful mine from construction to operation. Rainy River has allowed me to make a positive impact on our employees’ careers, the community and myself as an individual in the Rainy River District which has become my home.

Lisa Newman

Lisa Newman, Maintenance

"New Gold, New Afton is the best place to work! As a trades worker, the systems on site are so diverse and the opportunities to learn are endless. The Company prides itself on employee development. I experienced this firsthand when I was put through my second Red Seal training as an Instrumentation Mechanic. New Afton also provided me with “Speech Craft” training which was valuable when I participated in “Safety in Schools” presentations at local high schools and “Women in Trades” presentations at Thompson Rivers University. Working here has given myself and my family an abundant life in a location we can enjoy together in Kamloops, the city I was born in. My children, represent our family as fifth generation Kamloopsians."